Announcement: ClippingKeeper, a CGI program to save web page references

Today I released ClippingKeeper, a small Python program that runs as a CGI script, saving web page references (title, URL, and user-supplied description) to a PostGreSQL database for later retrieval.

I wrote this out of frustration that Bloglines, my newsreader of choice, managed to lose a significant number of my "clippings". Deleted. Gone. Finito. Kaput. Bloglines, here is your "freedback". Are you listening?

I also wrote it because getting the clippings out of the Bloglines service was much less than optimal: a large amount of Javascript and clicking/selecting/copying/pasting had to happen. Now, with ClippingKeeper, I simply save the page and when I am ready to generate my usual listing of interesting entries, I pick and choose the items, hit submit, and the entries are laid out in my preferred list format (ReStructuredText, by the way).

CK has far to go, including the tiny little problem that I forgot to include the Javascript bookmarklet code. But right now it is usable - it stores entries, updates the database, and outputs entries as expected.

Licensed under an Expat License (GPL-compatible).

Your feedback is welcome.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 07 October 2006. Tags: open source, python