EPIC book recommendation: Computer Privacy Annoyances

From EPIC Alert Volume 12.20:

Dan Tynan, Computer Privacy Annoyances: How to Avoid the Most Annoying Invasions of Your Personal and Online Privacy (O'Reilly 2005)

Dan Tynan's Computer Privacy Annoyances gets it right: the book provides excellent advice on how to protect privacy without turning the reader into a paranoid. The book has one of the best "top ten" steps to protect privacy I've read. He covers privacy at home, work, and on the Internets. He also covers privacy in public, an increasingly important topic in an age of ubiquitous cameras and nagging offline requests for personal data at retail stores. A prescient section of the book discusses the privacy risks associated with social network software, systems that many even in the privacy community have adopted.

Oddly enough, O'Reilly (the publisher) stuck a registration card in Tynan's book. A careful reader of Tynan's book will learn that such product registration cards are just marketing tools and should be dispatched to the recycling bin.

—Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 13 October 2005. Tags: recommendation, rights