Last A-Clue newsletter I'll read

Catching up on the pile of newsletters, reading them as of today, and stopped cold on the November 1, 2004 edition's This Week's Clue: Won't Get Fooled Again tripe.

Here's one egregious example:

The only way Bush can be re-elected is by stealing this election the way Robert Mugabe stole Zimbabwe. There's evidence some Republicans have tried that, but their efforts have really been minimal in the greater scheme of things. Worse, if they succeeded the result would be the immediate destruction of America as we know it, and a true Civil War. It won't happen.

I expected better of Mr. Dana Blankenhorn. The ability to demonize anyone not a member of the Democratic Party is a despicable trait, and one that requires me to ignore the demonizer.

Check out the tin-foil hallucinations Mr. Blankenhorn writes of in the November 15th, 2004 edition:

I feel like I'm living in a Harry Turtledove novel.

Somewhere, there's a universe where Al Gore was duly elected. He prevented 9/11 as Clinton had the Millenium Plot, or at least he didn't use it to go after the wrong enemy. America is at peace, a democracy, the light of the world.

Really? Gore would have prevented 9/11? Really?

Then why didn't he do it while he was vice-president of the United States of America? That's when Al-Qaeda was planning, plotting, and training. They did not start just after George W. Bush was elected.

Oh, and the " Millenium Plot"? The US portion was foiled by an alert Border Patrol guard who spotted suspicious behavior- NOT by any elected officials.

I have a few simple requirements for the people to which I listen: accuracy, truthfulness, and perspective. Mr. Blankenhorn just demonstrated the lack of all three.

This is the last of the newsletters I shall read.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 25 November 2004. Tags: commentary