Travel essay: Disgruntled with the presidential election?

From The Seattle Times: Travel section.

In the two years I've lived abroad, I've enjoyed many laughs and groans at the expense of my stateside brethren.

But after reading the current whining from folks looking to "escape" from a president they can't stand, I'm shaking my head in disgust. I left Seattle in 2002 for South Korea; partly for a job, but mostly for something different. I'm quite happy with my life, and I'd recommend the experience to anybody; but I can't help but wonder just what manner of greener pastures these disgruntled liberals are expecting to find.

Do they expect, for instance, to find politicians abroad any more upstanding than those at home? I live in a country whose president was impeached last spring, for taking sides during a general election campaign. (Think you felt sorry for Clinton?)

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Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 21 November 2004. Tags: commentary, international