PI reporter can see the future

Apparently Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Angela Galloway can predict the outcome of Washington's political races a full month in advance.

According to her 2004-10-04 article For Libertarians, winning is a work in progress:

None will win.

What do you expect from a reporter that starts an article with:

It's the party that fights for its right to lose elections.

I considered e-mailing Galloway to chastise her for editorializing instead of reporting. I may ask the paper's ombusdman exactly how that first quote (remember, that's Galloway "reporting", not a quote from anyone) constitutes news.

But while I'm on it, here's another paragraph to fisk:

The Libertarian Party advocates a government based on individual liberties and personal responsibility. Libertarians favor very limited government regulation or foreign intervention and wide-open free-market practices. For example, many support minimal taxation and legalization of drugs and prostitution.

Interesting example. I would expect to read the point about drugs and prostitution from the National Enquirer. Galloway needs to go informational instead of sensational.

Because if I have to double-check every story I read in the paper, I will find a less-biased news source.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 04 October 2004. Tags: news, politics