How to repair a PocketMirror/Outlook problem

Had the following error message appear when using Chapura's PocketMirror version 3.1.6 to synchronize my Handspring Visor with Outlook 98:

-- Outlook Calendar

        ERROR: 00008001
        An exception occurred.

              782: PMirror
              770: PMirror

Outlook Calendar synchronization failed
-- Outlook Contacts

        ERROR: 00008001
        Failed opening Outlook interface.

              480: PMirror

Outlook Contacts synchronization failed
-- Outlook Tasks

        ERROR: 00008001
        Failed opening Outlook interface.

              480: PMirror

Outlook Tasks synchronization failed
-- Outlook Notes

        ERROR: 00008001
        Failed opening Outlook interface.

              480: PMirror

Outlook Notes synchronization failed

I went through the following steps with their tech support:

  • Do you have McAfee Virus software version 7.0 installed?
  • If you are not using McAfee Virus software, please download and run the software from this link to resolve the problem.
  • Rename MAPI32.dll, run FIXMAPI.EXE.
  • Reinstalled Outlook 98.

And finally, their last suggestion fixed it. It was: "Your problem may be caused by a bad version of the "oleaut32.dll" file."

And their directions were:

To repair the "oleaut32.dll" file please do the following.

You will probably need your Windows 98 installation CD in your CD drive, then continue with the instructions below. You also may want to print this e-mail so you will have the directions in front of you with Outlook closed:

System File Checker checks for damaged or replaced system files, and then prompts you to replace any files that do not match the original Windows 98 files.

To start System File Checker, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, click Run, type "SFC" and click OK.
  2. Click "Extract One File From Installation Disk "
  3. In the white field enter "oleaut32.dll". Press Start (in the SFC box...NOT the Windows Start button).
  4. In the next window, where it says Restore From, either Browse to c:\windows\options\cabs or the CD (depending on whether the installation files are on your hard drive). The path on your CD will likely be D:\Setup\Win98. Also make sure the "Save File in:" location is C:\windows\system and then press OK.
  5. If prompted to create a backup, click "yes/OK". If prompted to create the directory to back up the file to, click "OK".
  6. Once the restore is done (very short process), you'll be prompted to reboot. Do so.

May this keep you from a fruitless search of Chapura's knowledge base and 4 rounds of tech support e-mails.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 04 October 2004. Tags: technology