I am unreliable and irreligious...

...so leave me alone, Vincent Arap Moi! Or should I refer to you by your super-secret codename "HUMAN RESOURCES"?

Received an absolutely laughable Nigerian 419 scam e-mail today, sent by "HUMAN RESOURCES" with the subject line "Are You Reliable & God Fearing" - so I just HAD to read it. One of the better-written ones, it included such gems as:

I came to know you in the course of my search for a reliable and GOD fearing person.I decided to contact you because I believe you are a reputable & God fearing person that can help me and my mother over this confidential matter.


The money is kept in trunk boxes and was registered as precious substances, thus there is nobody that knows that it is money that is in the box.

He requested that I reply to this "confidential" e-mail address: vinarap@whipmail.com (even though the e-mail came from toniobenito@bismack.com, and was addressed to neludu@fsmail.net). And guess which e-mail service passed this on to mine? That's right, it was those morons (Received: from web107.biz.mail.yahoo.com

I am more than happy to encourage anyone else to seek Mr. Moi out, because hey, the man's got his rightful share of "76,000,000.00 (Seventy Six Million American Hard Currency)" coming to him!

And you know, he really should do better background checks on his victims - oops, I mean "GOD-fearing persons." I am so unreliable by posting all this information so haphazardly. I mean, anyone could find out about this!

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 15 March 2004. Tags: commentary