Good e-read - Jake's Gift

I read a neat short story from FictionWise, thoroughly enjoyed it - but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why it's classified as science-fiction.

Jake's Gift by Bud Sparhawk

The crisp fall wind blew the tops of the pampas grass to and fro, scattering the seed that hung heavy in their tassels. This late in the year every stand of grass was adorned with their pink plumes, ringing the marsh and hiding the brackish black waters of the enclosed pond from the nearby creek. Between the grasses and the water were cattails, displaying their own abundance of seed like fat brown sausages on a skewer. Nestled among both were the other flora of the Bay, eel grass, sonnet weed, and a broad expanse of reed, all tough grasses that could survive in the porous sand and resist the incursions of brackish water that bathed their feet at high tide.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 15 January 2004. Tags: entertainment, recommendation