The last Jamieson column I will read

I can't promise "forever", but I've given up on Robert L. Jamieson.

Here's why (from Minorities await Dr. Dean's house call)

Problem was Dean was preaching to a crowd of mostly white, mostly liberal, mostly converted voters from the People's Republic of the Emerald City.

The city's rainbow -- indeed our community's rich ethnic diversity -- was nowhere in sight, nowhere to hear this dreamer's message up close.

If a non-colored person said "Problem was, he was speaking to a bunch of black people" how quickly would the national condemnation begin?

And (the last 2 paragraphs):

Here it is the Dean Machine -- which parallels the energy and spirit of Eugene McCarthy's 1968 presidential campaign -- talks about making Americans not feel like second-class citizens in their own country, about broad inclusivity.

Why, then, is it taking so long for Dean's Democratic message to reach thinking voters like Allen Potts?

The rest of the article is worth a read, just to see how Jamieson unartfully tries to blame white people for not reaching out like Baywatch lifeguards to the bright, intelligent, thoughtful - yet completely clueless - non-white voters. (Yes, tongue firmly in cheek past the David Hasselhoff reference.)

If I don't stop now I would end up quoting Jamieson's entire article out-of-order. But I'll leave with a last quote & rejoinder:

"I know little about Dean's politics and I know nothing of his personal history," the 32-year-old said. "I'm looking to be informed, inspired."

You need to inform yourself, sir.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 04 September 2003. Tags: commentary, news