Why did I bother turning my computer on this morning...

First, I found a neat little feature in a program I use occasionally - if I use the keyboard to select a specific menu item (which is a very commonly-used menu item, and really the whole point of buying the program), it will shut my computer down. Hard. No nice shutdown process, no warning, no nothing.

Then, I try sending e-mail. Netaddress is down, so I can't send through their server. Fine. I have cable internet through AT&T Broadband (now or soon to be Comcast), so I try through them. No go. My password or username is not accepted. Great.

So I go to AT&T's site to access the account management. They forward me to Comcast, which required my account number, zip code and phone number. Well, we moved recently, and I never needed to update AT&T with the new number. So I'm sitting there trying desperately to remember the last phone number I had. Hey, we have two new landlines, plus the two cell phone numbers - and several are very similar!

I finally remember the correct phone number, get validated, and look at the help articles. The changeover is supposed to happen June 30. Well, it's May 13 right now - so why can't I receive mail with my AT&T account?

I'm doing all this so I can jabber with my wife using myJabber. Their server was up when I first started the e-mail mess. Now it's down.

I broke the Internet.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Tue 13 May 2003. Tags: technology