easyDNS rocks

Rhymingpanda and JCIExplorations are powered by easyDNS. Glenn Fleishman recommended them (he runs ISBN.nu). They have been great, and they just got greater on April 15.

Why? Because they got hit with a DOS attack on April 14. And one day later, Mark Jeftovic, Co-Founder & President, sent an e-mail to their subscribers explaining what happened and when, services affected, and "What We Are Doing About It."

I am very impressed with their service - the actual function I pay for as well as the care they take when dealing with their customers.

Mr. Jeftovic also included his phone number, with extension, in the e-mail. Try getting any other company leader's direct line...

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Tue 13 May 2003. Tags: business, commentary, technology, web