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First post of the year, and what do I want to talk about?


Not physical storage, mind you. Hard drives.

Began the final push to move all of my data off my five-year-old desktop PC and onto a small, quiet home server, attached to a 4-drive bay (setup as 2 RAID1 drives, with 2 hot backups).

Works like a charm. It is so nice to know that all of my data gets backed up now, not just the stuff that I could "afford" to backup space-wise. Granted, over the last few weeks there have been a few days where the backup process took 12+ hours to complete, but once the data is backed up, it's just a matter of storing more hard links. I don't edit very many ISOs.

Some of the new software:

Getting some real admin experience with this, as well as a greater understanding of building and deploying web apps.

Good times.

When I first began programming in Python

Going through some old discs, archiving old code on my bright shiny new server. Found a CD with executables for my work on Python on Windows 98.

The earliest file:

Python-2.2.1.exe, 2002-06-30

Good times.

You would think, me being a web developer and all, ...

That I would keep my web site up-to-date.

Think again.

Just realized that not only do I have code inside a script block that calls to a missing file, the site still references jQuery 1.2.6.

So, I engaged in a little cruft removal/seasonal touch-up and

Commute record - 3.5 hours

A full hour in the morning, including a bus late by 10 minutes. Very cold.

The afternoon's commute:

Total commute time: 3.5 hours.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

Best quote this week

Escort missions. They're like Take Your Child to Work Day, only your job involves getting shot at and your child is a mental deficient with a lousy sense of direction and giant target painted on his back.

From The Escapist : Escort Missions Suck, via ars technica's Masterpiece: Ico (which was a very moving review of an older video game).