First post of the year, and what do I want to talk about?


Not physical storage, mind you. Hard drives.

Began the final push to move all of my data off my five-year-old desktop PC and onto a small, quiet home server, attached to a 4-drive bay (setup as 2 RAID1 drives, with 2 hot backups).

Works like a charm. It is so nice to know that all of my data gets backed up now, not just the stuff that I could "afford" to backup space-wise. Granted, over the last few weeks there have been a few days where the backup process took 12+ hours to complete, but once the data is backed up, it's just a matter of storing more hard links. I don't edit very many ISOs.

Some of the new software:

  • Ubuntu: 10.10 server
  • Subversion: with a real URL scheme, too, not just a file:// pointer
  • Cherokee: solid web server with good admin UI
  • uWSGI: finally a WSGI server I can use. No more reverse proxies!
  • rdup: excellent backup software
  • MoinMoin: my wiki engine of choice

Getting some real admin experience with this, as well as a greater understanding of building and deploying web apps.

Good times.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 20 January 2011. Tags: technology, linux