Commute record - 3.5 hours

A full hour in the morning, including a bus late by 10 minutes. Very cold.

The afternoon's commute:

  • 4pm: stand in the bus tunnel, watch every bus go by with no room.
  • 4:40pm: reverse commute up to the freezing open end of the tunnel
  • 5pm: get in the first available bus going my direction.
  • 5:05pm: bus exits the tunnel, stops halfway up the HOV freeway ramp - cars blocking the road
  • 5:20pm: get past the block
  • 6pm: arrive at park & ride; mercifully, my connecting bus arrives within a few minutes
  • 6:30pm: arrive home

Total commute time: 3.5 hours.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 22 November 2010. Tags: government