Cancelled US News magazine

I just cancelled my years-long subscription to US News & World Report.

I originally subscribed to Newsweek, to get my weekly national and world update. But even though they had a number of very good columnists, including a few that responded to me personally when I emailed them about their articles, Newsweek skewed more and more neo-liberal (well past the point of featuring a smiling mass-murderer on their cover).

I switched to US News, and was satisfied with their comprehensive coverage - until they closed their weekly print edition and replaced it with a digital weekly edition and a monthly special feature in print.

They should have also changed the name - to Only Inside Washington D.C. Weekly. Because that is essentially what every single issue contains - only US government news. If the federal government had no significant hand in it, it will not be reported. And no world news, short of - you guessed it - US diplomatic relations with other countries.

So there goes easily more than a decade of getting a comprehensive weekly update on national and world events. Some of the information can be replaced through other outlets, but I will miss the curating and the exploration.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 24 July 2010. Tags: business, commentary, news