Recruiter FAIL

I have been waiting for some recruiter to screw up this bad.

Received the following email a few days ago, regarding my current job search for software development positions:

Hello ,

Our client, Micorsoft , is looking for a Web Developer 3, I have included the job description below, which includes the location of the job. After a quick review of your profile on Monster/Dice , I believe you to have the required skills for this position. Please let me know if you would be interested in applying for a job at Micorsoft . If so, send me a copy of your resume in Word.

Oh, this is just too good.

First, note the empty hanging comma after "Hello". Naveen (his real name) sent it to himself, and forgot to fill out the email template, so none of the people receiving this spam got a personalized copy.

Secondly, Oh You Must Be Kidding Me, he MISSPELLED his client's name! The largest software company in the world, and he misspells its name TWICE!

Thirdly, in the job order table (that spells the client's name CORRECTLY), I noticed a familiar address, certainly not on Microsoft's campus. I double-checked. Yes, Naveen shilled for Volt, one of the least-respected contracting agencies around.

So, Naveen, really, I want to know. Why in the WORLD would I go through you, in Cranbury, New Jersey, to get a job with Volt, with a local office that advertises extensively for the many contracts available at the world's largest software company, whose name you keep mangling? Why, Naveen? Tell me.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Tue 26 August 2008. Tags: commentary, employment