Finally got Bluetooth network sync working on Palm T5

Since my Palm Tungsten T5's non-standard physical connector died, I have tried several different methods to synchronize the T5 with my computer.

I have a more unique setup than most: I run Kubuntu (6.06.1 LTS), and use VMWare (fantastic software) to run Windows XP in a virtual machine (still addicted to Outlook).

My synchronization needs must span two operating systems that run simultaneously.

Using Network Synchronization worked well, detailed in Bluetooth over TCP with your Palm, with one minor annoyance and one major problem.

The minor annoyance: I have to reset the IP address within the T5 to point to the specific computer with which to sync.

The major problem, overcome with the help of ASP Technology, Inc.: when synchronizing with a Windows host only (the Linux utility pilot-link does not do this), the hotsync software rewrites the Primary PC Name value in the Primary PC Setup screen, which causes subsequent hotsyncs to fail.

The solution: set the Primary PC Name to !! (two exclamation points), which protects the value from changes.

Worked like a charm.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 05 August 2007. Tags: open source, technology, linux