Tukwila Costco - dangerous place

  • Screams foil kidnap attempt

    The woman had just loaded groceries in her car Thursday evening at Costco's Tukwila warehouse.

    In the time it took for her to return her shopping cart, a Level 3 sex offender jumped into her car and hid in the backseat. As she drove away, the man, armed with a knife, began attacking her.

    Screams filled the lot.

    In what Tukwila police are saying was a random and rare attack, the man tried to abduct the woman -- but was thwarted after she yelled and witnesses used force to stop him.

  • Follow-up, which does not include the suspect's name: Bail set for Tukwila kidnap suspect

The store: Costco Tukwila, Washington

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 22 July 2007. Tags: news