Planes and newspapers

I originally wanted to post a link about the article "8 hours on tarmac: Some flights that got ugly" that originally appeared in the 2007-01-14 Travel section of the Seattle Times newspaper. Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal wrote about American Airlines Flight 1348 on 2006-12-29, whose flight crew held the passengers captive for 8 hours because American Airlines is an incredibly terrible airline, almost on par with Northwest Airlines, which also held passengers captive on a January 1999 flight.

I did not link to The Wall Street Journal because I could not link to it - when trying to view their site using Opera on Linux, I was presented with a full-screen ad which did not allow me to actually even see what I presume would be their home page. I am not talking about a pop-up; this ad took the place of their home page. There was absolutely no way to get past it to their content. So, they get an ad seen by someone who doesn't want to see it, no "link love" from me, and now I pretty much will not bother again with trying to link to one of their articles.

I just wanted the article to reference why I shall never again fly Northwest.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 28 January 2007. Tags: commentary