Warning: keep your politics off tech aggregate weblogs

Recently I noticed several posts regarding politics on Planet Ubuntu, a weblog aggregation feed for the Ubuntu Linux distribution. These posts were blatantly off-topic, a waste of my time, and complete crap.

The offenders:

Keep this crap off the tech weblog feed! It has no place whatsoever on Planet Ubuntu (with the possible exception of Stephan Hermann's 1st entry listed; even that one could have simply said "I don't want to travel to the US because of the draconian security measures and subsequent loss of privacy".)

This post serves as a warning to the three writers mentioned above; if I see any more political posts from them on Planet Ubuntu, I will start running that feed through FeedRinse and ignoring their posts completely.

Someone else who wants politics off the planet feed: jorge @ whiprush.org: Politics on Open Source Blogs ...

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Wed 25 October 2006. Tags: open source