Latest Democratic "attack ad" fails

Got a hate mail piece from "Washington State Democratic Central Committee", pro-Darcy Burner, anti-Dave Reichert. The copywriting is hilarious - they just gave me two reasons to vote for Reichert.

It's the American work ethic. We all grew up trusting that if we worked hard, we would get paid enough to care for ourselves and our families. And when we are too old to work, we will have Social Security. That is the deal: a promise that built this country.

Uh, no, that is NOT the American work ethic, it is not a promise, but yes it is a deal - for people too lazy, ignorant, or spendthrift to plan ahead. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. There are no accounts - one's "contributions" are paid out within a few years to the current payees - when you start receiving SS checks, that money came from someone currently working.

What happened to people putting money in a savings account, for crying out loud?

Dave Reichert voted to reduce the minimum wage to $2.13 an hour for hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians. (HR 5970, Vote #425). Only an out of touch Congressman would think anyone could live on that.

What idiot would think that they could live on minimum wage?

If you do not like what you are paid, find a higher-paying job. Get more skills, more experience, take some risks. Government has absolutely no role in economic affairs.

Thanks, Democrats and Democratic candidate Darcy Burns - I will vote for Reichert.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Wed 18 October 2006. Tags: politics