Links from around the web: 2006-08-03

  • Photography student's odd run-in with Homeland Security

    Seattle-based blogger and photogger Ian Spiers says:

    About a month ago I had a little run-in with 3 Homeland Security agents, 3 Seattle Police officers, 2 security guards and a German Shepherd while I was at a local park with my camera. The DHS agent told me that it's illegal for me to take pictures of federal property. The ACLU of Washington disagrees. My blog is my attempt to chronicle this outragous situation and bring some common sense and public awareness to it.

  • Joke of the Day

    The World Court condemns Israel for defending itself. The judge who issued the condemnation? Chinese.

  • Jeremiah Denton

    Was Vietnam veteran Admiral prevented from speaking before the California Assembly on Independence Day?


    Bruce Bawer's beautifully written, sophisticated, often funny, and quite dynamist essay is a must-read. Here's the lead: I moved from the U.S. to Europe in 1998, and I've been drawing comparisons ever since. Living in turn in the Netherlands, where...

  • Ask Not

    Conscription, taxes, and that wonderfully sick phrase, "Ask not what your country can do for you..."

  • Hate Crimes

    How are crimes worse because of the perpetrator's mindset?

  • English/Liberal Phrasebook

  • Bill Clinton: Maoist

    A pirated version of Bill Clinton's recently released memoir My Life has hit the streets of Beijing. According to a Times article, this version has a few additions. The former US President, it appears, is the latest victim of Chinese...

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