If you read BoingBoing or watch Stephen Colbert...

Did you know that Stephen Colbert's The Colbert Report is fake? And did you know that BoingBoing cannot tell the difference, or does not care?

From the Seattle PI's Larsen submits to comedian Stephen Colbert (2006-07-12):

Larsen, who represents the 2nd District north of Seattle, spoke with other members who subjected themselves to the Colbert treatment. He said it doesn't make any difference how you answer.

"They interview you for an hour and take the four or five minutes that make you look the most ridiculous. That's their job, and my job was to look ridiculous," Larsen said.

Later on in the same article:

In another interview, Colbert asked Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga., if he was the "do-nothingest" member in the House because he had not introduced a bill in more than a year.

Westmoreland defended himself by pointing out that he co-sponsored a bill that would allow the Ten Commandments to be hung in public buildings. Colbert arched an eyebrow and asked Westmoreland if he could recite the Ten Commandments.

Westmoreland could remember only three and acknowledged, on national TV, that his memory failed. In reality, Westmoreland named seven of the commandments but the more humiliating response was broadcast.

Which proves another reality Larsen will face.

"I talked to other members about their experiences, and they told me the whole thing is, they are going to edit; they are going to take the answer to question B and put on question A. So what are you gonna do? You just play along. All you can do is just play along," Larsen said.

Read that last quoted paragraph carefully.

And the BoingBoing connection? The BB editors have a nasty habit of putting down any - any - Christian. So read this BB article: Ten Commandments Congressman can't name them and tell me - is it obvious that BB, in particular Cory Doctorow, understands that Stephen Colbert is a comedian, not a journalist?

It must not be obvious - there are a whole bunch of idiots who do not understand.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 16 July 2006. Tags: commentary