Beware of Seattle bicyclists

If you are a driver or a pedestrian in Seattle, beware any bicycle rider. They are not your friends. In fact, they are most likely your foe.

See Bicyclists' arrests at rally defended in the Seattle P-I for 2006-07-04 for one incident.

My story: walking either to work or away from it one day, a cyclist deliberately used me as a slalom post, whizzing by me on the sidewalk, grazing my elbow. It was a deliberate attack, and demonstrated that he considered me part of the landscape. It was beyond rude - it was dangerous.

My wife, who worked in downtown Seattle longer than me, has seen bike riders intimidate anyone not on two wheels.

I actually witnessed a group of bicyclists blocking traffic - like instead of biking in single file, they spread out and blocked the entire 3 lanes of traffic. That was in Belltown, during peak hour. They weren't going fast like they used to, in fact they were riding in a way too leisurely pace, and when a driver honked, he got the middle finger salute from the group. So they intimidated people on 4 wheels too, when they are in a pack. Extremely arrogant bloody bastards they were.

Speaking as a once and future bicyclist, I am disgusted by the actions and attitudes of many cyclists in Seattle.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 09 July 2006. Tags: commentary