832 books catalogued

Late last week I began cataloguing my rather embarrassingly large, dusty, and wholly unorganized library in anticipation of our move. I started with something less than 650 books already in my catalogue.

Sunday night I finished with 832 books in my library. Meaning I catalogued more than 200 (many books were already in Simpleshelf).

What a relief to see 3 bookcases with nearly empty shelves.

I made many improvements to Simpleshelf to speed the process, and uncovered some bugs (including a nasty one that I think is new: running a title search against the Library of Congress returns way too many results - like they take keywords from the title instead of matching the title as an entire string).

Getting the UI out of the way takes some deep thinking and a lot of play.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 06 March 2006. Tags: simpleshelf