WebDAV and sitecopy hurt fixed

Had an unbelievable amount of trouble getting sitecopy to work over WebDAV on my hosting provider.

Found out there were 2 problems (and maybe only one):

  • using an older version. Kubuntu 5.10 uses sitecopy 0.15.1; the latest version is 0.16.1. I compiled & installed on my system, and now my --fetch command works
  • did not specify a port number. In the .sitecopyrc file, each site may have a port number (if using protocol webdav). This apparently doesn't make a difference for me, as my port number was 80 to begin with, but if your remote site uses any other number, you may want to add it.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Fri 25 November 2005. Tags: technology, web