Problems using Bloglines

I have used Bloglines for at least a year now. It's a web-based weblog feed aggregator, and incredibly handy - when it works faster than an addled turtle churning through molasses.

Tonight I decided to move some of my clippings into a more useful format: I wanted to download all the audio entries in my 'Audcasts' folder (I dislike the term podcast, so I came up with my own; feel free to use it). So I fired up Bloglines, looked at my feeds page, and clicked on Clippings.

And waited several minutes.

I looked at my Audcasts folder, and pulled out the first five or so entries and stored them in my private weblog (cough diary cough). Then I went back to the first clipping and pressed "Delete clipping".

And waited several more minutes.

That's right, folks: to delete a single entry took at least a full two minutes. Thank goodness for tabbed browsing.

Compare that speed to maybe 2 seconds to view a feed. The difference is horrendous.

I presume that Bloglines can cache the feed views (although not that much), but they cannot cache the clippings, since those are local to me - but seriously, making me wait minutes to perform a single action? And in some cases (like tonight, 2005-10-28 2200 PDT), just timing out? That's ridiculous.

Bloglines management: you need to improve the speed of your entire app, not just the feed browsing. That incredible slow access to my clippings essentially renders that feature useless. I will have to consider a different method of storing links to good entries.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Fri 28 October 2005. Tags: technology, web