How to enrich your competitors: Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance decided to deny a policyholder's accident claim because they said it wasn't an accident. Farmers' theory was that the driver that caused the 6-car crash deliberately rammed another car (not the policyholder's car), and because the homicidal maniac chose to cause the crash, the crash therefore was not an accident, and Farmers did not have to pay the half-million dollars in hospital bills (so far).

Read about Farmers Insurance's complete lack of morals and common sense in "Woman fights insurance giant and wins". The policyholder did get Farmers to cover the claim - after Washington State's insurance commissioner told them to pay up or face a lawsuit.

Congratulations, Farmers - you just guaranteed that I will never consider your company or affiliates for any of my insurance needs.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 23 October 2005. Tags: business