British Muslims hate the world

"Islamic radicals find British haven" (about the 2005-07-07 London terrorist bombings):

LONDON -- In Saleem Ali's world, it's all quite simple: The Jews control the global economy. The Americans are murderous thugs. And the British government was behind Thursday's attacks here.

Prime Minister Tony Blair ordered it, Ali said in an interview, for the same reason President Bush orchestrated the Sept. 11, 2001, carnage: "To cause panic among the public so that people will hate Muslims."

Welcome to Bethnal Green, a heavily Muslim neighborhood just a few subway stops away from the heart of tourist London. Hardly wild-eyed, Ali, 30, a shopkeeper, spoke with measured eloquence. He stood next to his younger brother and four friends, each of whom echoed his sentiments in tones so lighthearted that a reporter repeatedly asked whether they were joking. Not at all, they said as they excoriated the West and praised al-Qaida.

It gets more sickening and twisted the further you read.

"I think it's a good thing that there are organizations" like al-Qaida, Ali said. "It keeps them awake at night."

This terrorism expert sums the problem up:

Some terrorism scholars argue that British society, especially on the left of the political spectrum, is in denial about its extremism problem. Politicians celebrate Britain's multicultural tableau, they say, without looking too deeply at the segregation and division below the surface.

"Assimilation was never policy, explicitly or otherwise, of the British government," said Michael Radu, who studies terrorism at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. "They accepted as natural what you may call cultural and religious tribalism, and now it's turning against them.

"They confuse tolerance with negligence." (emphasis mine)

The Muslim capacity for self-delusion, conspiracy, and outright hatred is mind-boggling.

I wonder how Mr. Ali's conspiracy theory will change now that the suspects have been identified as Muslims.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Tue 18 October 2005. Tags: news, society