Back on the air, part deux

Actually, had to rewrite the entire back-end of BODI, since I could not get pyana, which depends on xerces and xalan, to work correctly. Seems pyana has a hard time with Unicode. I kept getting errors about bad encodings, and since pyana relies on 2 different libraries that I don't have the time to step into (much less experience), I gave up and completely rewrote the back-end.

End result?

Works much faster (the entire weblog structure, over 500 entries, builds in under a second - and that's running through my dev environment). Now, that's not including any uploads, but since that's a whole separate process handled by sitecopy, I don't care about that now.

Reworked the URLs, thought through how to handle datetimes in a logical manner (when the writer can add an entry in different timezones, how does one handle dates reliably?), and pulled out all the XSL crap in favor of Cheetah Template.

The speed is mind-boggling fast, there are no problems, and when there ARE problems I can dive in and fix them. The flexibility I gained is incredible.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 17 September 2005. Tags: python, weblogs