Kingston Technology took way too long to process my rebate

I sent in my rebate for a Kingston Technology 512MB SD card in November 2004, and it was received by their processor RebateStatus on 2004-11-13, according to the processor's e-mail.

On 2005-01-05 I received another e-mail from RS that my rebate had been processed and was on its way. I received it shortly thereafter.

Almost two full months to process a $17 rebate? Come on, Kingston Technologies! Is the interest on $17 really worth pissing off a long-time customer?

UPDATE: just noticed that the check is dated 2004-12-06. Wow. Processed in 3 weeks, but it took them 4+ to mail it? Give me a break.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 17 January 2005. Tags: complaint, technology