Is Prepared Response really?

Have a few comments on Venture Capital: Pitching mapping software for security in the Seattle PI ("Prepared Response Chief Executive Jim Finnell's 4-year-old Seattle company is receiving the attention because its Rapid Responder mapping software could help strengthen homeland security efforts.")

There's a few things people ought to know about Prepared Response:

  • They program using Microsoft products. Heard about all those security holes?
  • Several years ago, I interviewed with them, and they indicated that their programers work long hours. They promised to try to keep it down below 55 hours/week. Do you really want tired programmers writing software used in emergencies?
  • They made me a lowball offer (lowball even before I took the figure and divided it by 55+ hours/wk). Do you really want underpaid programmers working long hours on software used in emergencies?

Using their software may be better than not using it, but there are definitely better ways of creating their software.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Fri 10 December 2004. Tags: business, technology