DeveloperShed - once you're in, they won't let you out

Have a subscription to DeveloperShed, a semi-weekly developer newsletter. Interesting content, but not what I'm interested in anymore.

Tried to unsubscribe. The only way to drop the newsletter is to send an e-mail from the subscribed address.

Problem: I subscribed using an alias. There is no outgoing e-mail for that address. Nor am I in the mood to make a temporary mailbox specifically for that address.

So I wrote to them, asking how to unsubscribe, and received this in reply (web form result page):

Thank You

Your message has been sent. We value your comments and suggestions and read every message sent to us.

Well, apparently they tossed my "comments and suggestions" away because I never received a human reply.

Received the latest DS today.

Told them to remove me. Sent it to an apparently human address, as well as webmaster and postmaster. Told them if I receive another copy I'm putting them on my blacklist, and advertising the fact.

So, Developershed, are you going to listen or are you going to get a bad reference?

It's a simple subscription removal! For crying out loud, how complicated is that?

I will update this entry with the resolution. Stay tuned.

Update 2004-09-21

Apparently they complied with my "request". No response to ANY of my e-mails, just a noticeable lack of their unwanted newsletter in my inbox.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Wed 18 August 2004. Tags: complaint, programming