White "supremacist" smackdown

Courtesy Newsweek's readers, of course.

From the 2004-05-24 edition, the 2nd & 3rd letters to the editor under "Hate Groups Post 9-11", referring to a piece in the previous issue about a resurgence of so-called white supremacist and other hate groups.

Mark Starr of Kendall Park, NJ, serves the first volley:

As a Jew, I was proud to read the comments of white supremacist and neo-Nazi Billy Roper. He correctly pointed out that "Jews have a disproportionate impact in our society." Indeed, we are proud that we represent a disproportionate number of congressmen. We are proud to be disproportionately represented in professions such as law, medicine, politics and entertainment. We are also underrepresented in the prison population, and we stink at sports. What has always been baffling is why this has caused such rancor among anti-Semites. Jews welcome all Americans to make the effort in their own lives in order to reapportion Jewish representation in successful careers. That would sure take a lot of heat off us.

Andrew Dixon of Ithaca, NY, follows up:

Apparently it is inappropriate to believe in education, hard work and honesty, among the many other positive things that Judaism promotes. Billy Roper should read the Bible. "Thou shalt not kill" may have been written by a Jew, but it was dictated to him by the same God Roper and I supposedly believe in. It's in Roper's Bible just as it is in my Torah.

All misspellings mine.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 05 June 2004. Tags: society