Why the police can't protect you all the time

Two Tukwila officers hurt in fray with agitated man

TUKWILA -- A man who skipped out on the price of a haircut and then tried to break into several cars beat a Tukwila police officer into unconsciousness yesterday and injured a second officer before he was subdued.

The officers, a 42-year-old female patrol officer and a 34-year-old male officer, both received head injuries but were expected to fully recover, Tukwila police said.


There, a fight broke out.

Somehow, the man had armed himself with a flashlight; police don't know from where.

"He just started beating on the female officer until she was unconscious," Officer Bob Abbott said.

The second officer jumped into the fray and was himself hit on the head. Two bystanders joined in and together they were able to subdue the man. (emphasis mine)

Two well-trained police officers require the assistance of two bystanders to subdue a single man.

Who exactly wants the police to be the only ones allowed to carry firearms?

Yes, this is something of an attitude change for me. The right to carry firearms makes sense. Expecting the police, law enforcement, government to completely care for my safety isn't.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Wed 28 April 2004. Tags: commentary