Restaurant credit card theft

"Hi, my name is Crystal. I'll be stealing your credit card today. Would you like an appetizer to start?"

Police: Restaurant workers aided credit card fraud ring (via Crypto-Gram)

That may have been what happened to us a few months ago. We went to lunch at a nice restaurant, and 2 weeks later had a small business e-mail account from those morons charged to that card.

Best quote:

The scheme's ringleaders recruited college students and other twentysomethings who worked as waiters and waitresses, then paid them $10 apiece for every credit card they slid through a black box small enough to hide under their aprons, Munson said.

So if your waitstaff fondles themselves under their apron, don't worry - it's probably just identity theft...

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 20 March 2004. Tags: business, complaint