Cringely on India and America

From Making Waves ("How to Turn Around the U.S. Tech Economy in One Week With No New Laws, Regulations, or Tax Breaks Required and Without Moving to India"), wherein Robert X. Cringely purports the true reason for massive job loss by outsourcing.

It's interesting that Indian immigration policies are more restrictive than U.S. immigration policies. There is no true Indian equivalent, for example, of our H1-B work visas. There is no quid pro quo. But then there is also no wave of U.S. engineers clamoring to move to India.

10 points from anti-Americans for bitching about U.S. immigration policies.

I liked Mr. Cringely's solution. It makes great sense. Hint: it does not involve the government.

And I hope, in fact plan, to one day participate in the solution.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 28 February 2004. Tags: business, employment, technology