Compare and contrast software control

First I read Open Source Is Fertile Ground for Foul Play

The nature of open source makes security problems an inevitable concern. There are a handful of ways that malicious code can make its way into open source and avoid detection during security testing, making government adoption of open source particularly worrisome.

Then I read Crazy After All These Years

Does the Key to Microsoft's Plan for Global Media Domination Involve Driving Judges Insane?

And I wondered if the first article's author has read anything besides a certain monopolistic software company's press releases and technical manuals.

Lucky for us, someone has. Mark Stone's article hits the main point I thought of (and many more) when I read A. Russell Jones'article - namely, security through obscurity does not work (obligatory Cryptonomicon reference).

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 14 February 2004. Tags: commentary, technology