Forecast: snow and Mormons

It may snow in the Puget Sound area this weekend, so that means - Mormons!


I think they like the snow.

The last time it snowed my wife and I saw not one but two pair of Mormon "missionaries". One set of them ambushed us at an intersection (where we were walking faster than the cars due to compact snow and the complete lack of winter driving ability most Western Washingtonians exhibit).

"Nice out, isn't it?"

"Yes" I replied

"Would you like to hear about Jesus?" he asked.

"No," I returned.

As regular readers of this weblog will soon figure out, I come up with really good retorts, on average, about a week too late. What I should have said was: "Which Jesus, the moneydigger's or mine?"

I'd love to say "You're from that church whose founder can't spell?" but that's just clunky, and not all that damning (nor can I find a definitive link, although there's interesting material on how Joseph Smith "translated" the Word of God.

Smith translated thousands of English words from these hieroglyphs. Joseph said this was the writing of Abraham and the word of his god. Actually it was a variant of the Book of the Dead a pagan Egyptian magic book filled with heathen gods and goddesses, often buried with mummies.

From Bible Query. More information at Recovery from Mormonism.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 24 January 2004. Tags: commentary