Blankenhorn clueless on Clueless

I thoroughly enjoy Dana Blankenhorn's A-Clue.Com. Always a thought-provoking read.

He ends his newsletter with a "Clued-in" and a "Clueless" note. For January 26, 2004, I have to disagree on the "Clueless".

Clueless is The Week magazine, for honoring a blogger, Joshua Micah Marshall, whose blog is one-way, refusing to take user input.

I do not consider a weblog "one-way." I've read the horror stories about comment spam, and seen the amount of effort it takes to successfully moderate discussions. I prefer permalinks to a morass of unmoderated comments. The lack of immediacy doesn't disappear - trackback and other services fill that gap.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 24 January 2004. Tags: commentary, weblogs