It's not about color

Here is the whole comment in Newsscan regarding their article SHARPTON CALLS INTERNET VOTING A 'HIGH-TECH POLL TAX'


While I feel for Grandma having to walk five blocks, I disagree with Al that she is not getting an equal chance to vote. That polling place has probably been in the same place for twenty years and she has always been five blocks away and she has always made it there. On the rare occasion that it rained or she was ill she either called a friend or the Democratic party and got a ride. Now take the case of the Black corporate lawyer, the Chinese high tech programmer, and the Indian VP of finance that all work in downtown and live in the suburbs 20 to 30 miles away. They have busy days, many work 10 or 12 hours each and every day, many came here to have a better life and live in a free democratic country. Their days are so busy and the demands on them are so great they can't get out of the office before 7 PM on election night to go home through rush hour traffic to vote. So who is more disenfranchised, Grandma who has been voting at the same place five blocks away for twenty years or corporate America that is 20 to 30 miles from their polling place with no hope of getting home in time to do their patriotic duty? Internet voting would help level the playing field that's all it would do. Al you are wrong again, it's not about color its about getting all legal voters to the polls anyway you can. (Jerry Hougen)


Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 27 September 2003. Tags: politics, rights, technology