One of the many reasons I won't contract for Microsoft again

From WashTech ("Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, Communications Workers of America, Local 37083, AFL-CIO"): "Tech worker says agency uses 'non-compete' agreements to bully, intimidate"

The article is a little funny - it's really a press release disguised as journalism, partially refutes its original argument (that someone getting unemployment insurance will lose it if they turn down a job because of legal difficulties), and quotes WashTech President Marcus Courtney plenty.

Ignoring all the article's union flag-waving bad-boy rah-rah, it does illustrate one of the many reasons I choose to not take any contracts from MS. MS limits its contractors, works with a blinding multitude of different agencies (which makes getting a contract hard, because I would never know if I'm getting submitted for the same position), and clamps down on feedback. Work there for a while, and see if you can get a valid reference. I had almost 2 years of good work history as a contractor for MS, but my MS manager (a former contractor herself) was not allowed to serve as a job reference, and the contracting agency changed their policy soon after I left - they now refuse to give out references.

Try explaining no references after years of work to your next employer.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 26 May 2003. Tags: employment, technology