IT employees do the right thing, then get fired

Please note, I said " then", not " and." There's some litigation and undisclosed actions going on here, so let's go to the source (found via "Blow the Whistle, Lose Your Job?" on slashdot).

Short story: 2 IT workers for an outsourced help desk see child porn on a tenured professor's computer. They disclose it to their superiors, who then work with the college and the local police. The professor resigns, gets arrested, charged, found guilty, and is now awaiting sentencing. Some time after the workers make their disclosure, they are fired for "unrelated reasons."

So, were they fired for embarrassing their employer's client? Or for actual "unrelated reasons?"

(I feel like saying "This is Rumor Control, here are the facts!")

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sun 18 May 2003. Tags: business, employment, follow-up, technology