The long arm of the law

must have meant speed, not length, when it comes to civil actions.

In the case of Vizcaino v. Microsoft, the settlement claim forms have finally been mailed as of May 15, 2003, and are due back in 3 months. But:

The Settlement Fund cannot distribute any funds until after all claim forms have been processed and verified. Distribution is not scheduled to occur until sometime in 2004.

Makes sense, since I've seen the calculations in the settlement agreement. I've even tried to calculate how much I'll get. But between the legal mujinations (not a misspelling - cross of ruminations and mumbo-jumbo) and the stock splits, I can't get an accurate fix.

And the other reason is that the (fiscal) interest that the ~$97 million has been generating has to be split among the claimants pro-rata. So everyone has to be found. And their claims filed. And the calculations made. And the checks cut. And the postage meters filled. And et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad vil.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 15 May 2003. Tags: business, complaint, employment, technology