Sologig sucks

How's that for alliteration?

My wife bought a Bronze level (USD$25/month) subscription to Sologig, and didn't find enough on the service to keep it. I looked at it, and found an enormous number (at least a quarter) of "business opportunities" when I searched for programming jobs. I refuse to pay $25 a month for the same crap that's in Popular Science's classified ads. And their search interface is broken (returns zero jobs when using the location criteria, even though jobs exist in that location).

So my wife cancels the membership by sending an e-mail message to with the message "Please cancel this membership."She sent it from the same e-mail account she used to sign up.

They respond with an e-mail that says, in part:

Thank you for using If you wish to cancel your membership and are at the end of your three-month minimum commitment, please send an email to In your message please include your registered email address and a simple statement requesting cancellation.

Our cancellation team will process your request when it is received.

So my wife sends another message, with the same text, to the same billing address, and this time they cancel the account. We were well past the 3-month "minimum commitment".

How stupid is that?

No more Sologig for us.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 12 May 2003. Tags: business, employment, technology