Geeks In An Unreal World

From the 2003-05-05 A-Clue newsletter.

...Governments and corporations can't stop progress. They can only slow it and move it. They can move it underground, and they can move it overseas. They can slow it down mightily. But they can't stop it, unless people like Rheingold let it.

Instead of claiming "they won" (making the enemy feel better and us feel worse) conferences like this should be concentrating on finding ways around the law. If they won't let progress build a corporation build a conspiracy instead. And look to new paradigms, where government has yet to set its hand, in which you can build your fortune. Stop thinking about computers as being TV sets, tape recorders and typewriters bound together by wires - they're not. Computers are processing mediated by software. The network, not the chassis, is the base unit of computing in a wireless world.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Mon 05 May 2003. Tags: commentary, technology