Yet another reason to avoid Northworst

"Northwest passengers injured when beverage cart breaks loose", courtesy obscurestore.

Since the Star Tribune has locked off their archives behind a pay-to-read curtain, here's the article as posted on Skytrax:


30 April 2003 - Source: AP

Seven passengers were slightly injured when a runaway beverage cart on a Northwest Airlines plane rolled from the plane's rear to first class.

Flight 312 from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, with 224 passengers aboard, was landing yesterday evening when the cart broke loose from its storage space.

A Northwest spokeswoman says airport paramedics examined passengers who said they suffered bumps and bruises. One passenger who complained of a sore arm was taken to a hospital. Exactly how the cart got loose is under investigation.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Thu 01 May 2003. Tags: business, complaint