Spot the CEO

I played about 10 rounds of's Spot the CEO- and noticed that a computer could have made guesses at least as accurate as I did, even factoring in that I recognized several faces. All the computer has to do is pick the lowest-quality image of the three faces. It's almost always the CEO's "portrait."

I looked at (had to, of course) Dana Stenger's site - she's an Atlanta CEO babe. Yes, CEO. Yes, babe (check out her calendars). HTML guru, no. The applet she uses overlays my other applications, she has numerous misspellings within it ("Knowlege Seeking"?), and several links on her home page don't work.

And the claim that her site is "the 'official' American anti-terrorism page" is just a wee bit disgusting.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 26 April 2003. Tags: business, entertainment