Laughing women

And from the same IMDB StudioBrief page as above (below?), "To Be A Woman on Arab TV":

A female newscaster for Kuwaiti television has received a week's suspension and a cut in pay for "indecent behavior" after "laughing in an unbecoming manner" at the end of a newscast. The action by the Kuwaiti information minister drew this comment from Halah Al-Nasir, a commentator for Arab News, an English-language daily in Saudi Arabia: "These female TV announcers and newsreaders appear in front of the viewers day and night, wearing a lot of makeup, different fashions and hairstyles to show off their beauty. They also face the camera in a suggestive manner ... and as these women appeal to the sexual instincts of their male viewers, they distract their attention from the subject -- if any -- they are talking about."

(Excuse: I'm reproducing it entirely because I canna find a permalink.)

My comment: Well, this is Kuwait. If it had been Iraq South (post-Iraqi-invasion, pre-US-retaliation), she would have never laughed again. I guess that's an improvement...

But not much.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Sat 26 April 2003. Tags: entertainment, politics