I tried not to write about this guy...


Some people simply assume that SIDS is no longer a problem. The American SIDS Institute, which I have been trying to help, was turned down not long ago when they asked the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a $60,000 research grant. The letter from foundation director Patty Stonesifer didn't fault the science or the qualifications of the researchers, but noted that such research would be of little benefit to the Third World, where the Gates Foundation is apparently devoting most of its health funding. Too bad they didn't check their numbers because SIDS death rates in the Third World are SIX TIMES that of the U.S. I pointed this out in a letter to Ms. Stonesifer, but she didn't bother to reply. Bring that point up, please, if you see her.

From Robert X. Cringely's I, Cringely weekly (Fridays) column.

Ms. Stonesifer, please get your facts straight, or just turn them down without reason. Making ill-informed (maybe even knowingly false?) statements for turning down charitable causes (which, besides doing good, are trying to help you because I seem to remember your Foundation having problems giving away enough money to please the IRS) is stupid, sick, and wrong.

And gives me just a little bit more ammo to counter your PR.

Written by Andrew Ittner in misc on Fri 25 April 2003. Tags: commentary